Aiming higher from quality ofbuild to quality of living.

Inspired by Geelong’s vibrant fabric, here are partners who seek to improve and redefine it’s surrounding urban landscape. Motif, is a response to it’s setting.

Aiming higher from quality of build to quality of living.

Inspired by Geelong’s vibrant fabric, here are partners who seek to improve and redefine it’s surrounding urban landscape. Motif, is a response to it’s setting.


DM Property is a residential developer specialised in quality homes that feel exactly that. Well versed across apartment and townhouse projects as well as land subdivisions, the company is committed to creating positive environmental and social impact by reinvesting in local communities.

“Motif reflects the vibrant cultural scene of Geelong. Geelong is the only city that’s part of the UNESCO city of Design in Australia. It’s got this real kind of design, art and cultural kind of vibe and undertow that not many people know about.” — Brendan Mullan, Director


Icon Kajima taps into a unique combination of developer and financier expertise, and with innovative success dating back 180 years, they’re known for forward thinking. Owned by the publicly listed Kajima Corporation, this is one of the world’s largest property and construction companies, creating and contributing to projects that stand the test of time.

“We were excited by the investment opportunity that DM Property presented to us, given the significant growth occurring in and around the Geelong area. Motif is situated in an ideal location, and its progressive design credentials led by Rothelowman have positioned the development to address the sustained undersupply of apartments within the Victorian housing market” — Nick Sestak, Senior Development Manager

Architect and interior designer

Rothelowman believes good design is critical to the successful evolution of our cities. Inspired by the future, the practice crafts projects that respond intelligently to their surroundings while improving and redefining the existing built enviuonemt for those who reside within them.

“The site for Motif has the advantage of not just being on the edge of the city, but also the edge of the bay. Our vision was to provide a high-quality spaces for living and working that take advantage of views in all directions.” — Stuart Marsland, Principal

Landscape Architect

ACRE is a landscape architecture practice focused on creating environments that are tailored for individuals and designed to evolve across time and seasons. With curiosity and collaboration, they create spaces that play with scale and combine clean details with a stylized wildness.

“As Geelong continues to grow, it’s exciting to have an opportunity to influence how the city’s future is being shaped, especially with this particular project. This site will serve as a primary point of interest for those entering and leaving Geelong.

From a landscape perspective, the project is also very interesting. The ground floor hosts a generously sized plaza like space, which offers a unique canvas to create something beautiful, while also enhancing the amenities for the occupants. We love incorporating the site context into our designs, and in this case, the coastal surroundings have been a rich source of inspiration, especially when it came to selecting the plant palette.” — Brett Robinson, Found and Creative Director

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Sales Agent

RPM aim to support buyers on their home ownership journey with premium yet affordable properties. Dedicated to tailored and targeted project marketing that is simple yet effective, the team understands the challenges and considerations that prospective buyers face and can effectively navigate maximum conversion.

“Motif represents affordability, but notwithstanding, the level of quality within the building is exceptional. All collaborators involved are of a very high nature and have created something that’s going to be here forever.” — Nic Cuni, Sales Director

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